Offering friendly and professional help for your pain and discomfort from our team of Exeter based osteopaths.

Why see an osteopath?

Our aims are to provide you with symptomatic relief as quickly as possible and to investigate any long-term cause of your problem. We will also help you understand and manage your symptoms and advise you, when possible, on how to avoid painful episodes in the future, whether it is back pain or any other area of discomfort.

Treatment for Babies & Children

The enormous twisting and compression forces which the baby is exposed to during the birth process can put a great deal of strain on its tissues. Cranial osteopathy is a refined, subtle form of treatment using gentle movements to release stress and strains throughout the body.

What can an Osteopath treat?

Our work encompasses treating injuries sustained at work, home or on the sports field, supporting mothers-to-be, and checking and helping babies after birth to recover from any shock and trauma during the birth process. We can also help with the ongoing discomforts of arthritic change and postural imbalances, and the effects of age and illness.